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Short Novel Series

The Reindeer Chronicles

Book 1 The Legend of Twoshoes  
Book 2 The Great Candy Cane 
Book 3 The Curse of Idylfar


The Strings of Hilton Winslow

Biblical Fiction/Novel

The 5th Chapter of Jonah

The Mystery of the Magi
Book 1 Daniel Rising
(Fall 2013)


Short Story Series

Prince and the Rattlesnake

A Death in the Community

The Unusual Cave

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

The Fifth Chapter of Jonah
     (July 2013)

The One Eyed Tree Man
     (July 2013)


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 Joe’s magic and fantasy stories in the area of youth literature introduce us to the world of elves and magic as never before seen. From the unusual shoes of the elves to their remarkable bond with the fabled reindeer of the North Pole, Joe’s stories reveal a world far beyond the “Twas the Night Before Christmas” genre. His cleverly constructed novels take the reader on an epic journey that reveals what really goes on in the land of magic and fantasy when it isn’t the holiday season. A complex world is depicted that is often charming, humorous, intriguing and sometimes dangerous. The Reindeer Chronicles is enjoyable reading any time of the year.

The human mind remains the greatest computer ever created.  It comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and capacities.  Its ability to think, process, reason, calculate and develop both conventional as well as non-conventional modes of operation still amaze much of humanity.  The creations and actions of humans can both astound us and horrify us.  If history remembers us at all it is usually for one of two things: the terrible things done or the great and wondeful things.  At the end of the matter I had much rather be on the great and wonderful side of the equation.
                         Joe C. Watson

   Literary reviews of this series have been      
The Reindeer Chronicles Series
Book 1 The Legend of Twoshoes (130 pgs)
Book 2 The Great Candy Cane Caper (112 pgs)
Book 3 The Curse of Idylfar (300 pgs)

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